Monday, 15 June 2015

Ecotourism in Mexico

A unique and interesting place in Mexico is Cancun. Cancun has relaxing, beautiful and exotic beaches; there are many things that people can do in this great place. First, people can visit the beach and enjoy it the way they want. If you want to do something different like dive into water and explore, you should try to visit Xel-Há, an aquatic theme park near to Cancun, which is one of the biggest natural aquarium in the world where hundreds of species inhabit; you can swim with them and snorkel into small caves and grottoes. Also, there are more than twenty impressive and majestic cenotes, a natural sinkhole or pit with water, around the place if you still looking for swim in an unusual place. However, if you don’t like getting wet there is a mysterious and ancient place called Xcaret, an archaeological site, where the Mayas settled in 200 AD. Cancun is located in the Riviera Maya where there are a lot of incredible places to visit, this is just a peek of the amazing that the Riviera Maya is.


Cenote Ik-Kil
Cenote Dzitnup

Monday, 8 June 2015


Beside English, I would like to learn Italian, Japanese and Korean because I have friends who speak these languages and I want to talk with them in their language; also, Italian is similar to Spanish, so it is easy to understand for me. Now, I only know how to greet in 6 languages. Learning other languages would help me if I want to travel, work or study in a different country and talking to the people of that country would be easy.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Men and Women

Men and women are equal in my country; you can see women doing what men did long time ago like electrician, mechanic, nursing, etc. At this time, it is more different than before, women have the same opportunities to get a job including being involved in politics that there are women working in the national parliament. Now, there is an election to choose a new leader province in Mexico which there is a woman who may be able to win the election.

Monday, 25 May 2015

$10 Million

If I get $10 million from the lottery, I would invest it to start a small company dedicated to something related to my major like drilling and extracting coal seam gas, a sort of natural gas extracted from coal beds, or water from a reservoir in the subsoil. After that, when I get more income; I would buy a lot of things for my family and expend some money in a charitable organization. Afterward, I would buy interesting things for me. Then, if I’m still getting income, maybe I would invest it in real estate. It would take a long time, but we have to be patient.

Monday, 18 May 2015

My Crime Experience

I think Calgary is a safe city because until now, nothing has happened to me, and I haven’t yet heard that a friend or family say, “I've been robbed”; compared to my hometown, Calgary is safer. I've been robbed twice; the first time was in my former department when I lived only with two friends, thieves broke into the department and stole four laptops, a PlayStation 3, an LCD screen and roommate’s clothes; some friends thought that my department was like a warehouse. After the theft, they never left their belongings again. The second time was in other city; a thief stole my van’s spare wheel which was located under the van, maybe I need to know and locate a better spot to park the van.

My former department and some things that were stolen

Monday, 11 May 2015

Extreme Sports

My favorite extreme sport is skydiving because the sensation of free-fall and fly for everywhere perhaps be amazing, I have not yet practiced skydiving, but maybe I will feel that. I am planning to do skydiving on Monday 18th. The extreme sports that I already have done are bungee jumping, skateboarding and BMX. I did bungee jumping one year ago in a bar next to the beach, and it was an easy way to get the adrenaline rush. Moreover, I did skateboarding and BMX when I was a kid just the basic tricks as rookie, and I failed countless times.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm Julio Perez. I come from Mexico. I am recently graduated with a degree in petroleum engineering. I’m studying English at the University of Calgary. I will be studying for 3 months then I will return to Mexico. By the way, I like music; the genres that I prefer are progressive house, electro house and house. Also, I like going to bars and pubs with friends, but sometimes I go to night clubs. I don't have a favourite kind of food anything is good. Moreover, I'm interested in sports like football, golf, skydiving, snowboarding and skateboarding.